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Corporate matchmaking 

Welcome to a new way of talent mining and acquistion. A way that puts your brand and how you are represented, as a company or as an individual, first and foremost. A way that is driven by integrity and commitment.

We know that hiring talent isn't just about finding the right skills sets, it's about building relationships. Integria Consulting partners with both our corporate and candidate clients to understand both parties' needs and goals.

Matching the best and the brightest with your company's vision, gives your company an edge - the power of a focused human capital to produce the results that matter. And, assuring our candidates of a quality opportunity ensures job satisfaction and company loyalty.

Our consultants' expertise and experience bring insight, innovation and unparalleled value to every client assignment. Recruiting and acquiring talent for a variety of positions —human resources, sales and marketing from entry level to senior management— we match the right people to the right job. So our clients are always assured that both their business and career goals are achieved. Learn more about our recruiting solutions.

If you haven't guessed, we're a little different from the average recruiting company. We promise that we'll lead by our values of:
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Collaboration
  • Mutual respect
Our clients have come to expect extraordinary results from us, and in turn, we expect a few simple things from our clients. Curious? Find out more about how we work.

Looking to attract top calibre talent? Give us a call - we look forward to building a relationship together.

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