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Trust is essential for leaders to succeed in their role, particularly in a professional setting. When team members trust their leader, they are more engaged, productive, and committed to the organization's success. Stephen M.R. Covey emphasizes the significance of trust in his book, "The Speed of Trust," outlining four key areas where trust is critical: speed, cost, innovation, and morale.

To build trust, leaders can adopt behaviors like honest communication, respect for opinions, transparency, taking responsibility, supporting team members, delivering results, continuous improvement, facing challenges, setting clear expectations, practicing accountability, active listening, keeping commitments, and extending trust.

However, trust can also be eroded by behaviors such as not keeping commitments, withholding information, not listening, gossiping, favoritism, micromanaging, blaming others, avoiding responsibility, inconsistency, and breaching confidentiality.

For new managers looking to build trust immediately, they should focus on three key actions:

  1. Be Transparent and Communicate Clearly: New managers should prioritize transparent communication with their team members. This involves clearly conveying goals, expectations, and decisions while remaining open to feedback and questions. Transparent communication demonstrates trustworthiness and helps build confidence and respect.

  2. Be Accountable: New managers should take responsibility for their actions and decisions, admitting mistakes and working towards solutions instead of blaming others. By being accountable, they show commitment to the team's success and foster trust and respect.

  3. Show Empathy and Listen: New managers should demonstrate empathy and actively listen to their team members. This involves understanding their concerns, ideas, and feedback, and showing genuine care for their well-being. By exhibiting empathy and active listening, new managers can build rapport, trust, and create a collaborative and respectful work culture.

By implementing these immediate actions, new managers can establish a foundation of trust with their team members and create a positive work environment. Continuously demonstrating trustworthiness through actions and decisions will help strengthen relationships and drive productivity within the team.

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