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A passion for talent

We help candidates and employers find their right match. People are at the center of what we do.  

Our goal is to propel organizations forward by placing talented professionals who can help get them there.



It is the foundation of everything we do. You can expect honesty, consistency and a relationship based on trust when partnering with us - and we expect the same from you.


Diversity is a critical ingredient for business success. You can expect a diverse slate of talent throughout our search, presenting professionals rich in experience, accomplishments and backgrounds. We value the overall education and experience our candidates have acquired both locally and globally.


We value relationships that are cemented on trust and respect. In order for the process to go smoothly and for candidates to remain engaged, this means we require a high level of transparency around the challenges of the role.



Early adopters of enhanced candidate experience

In 2005, Integria was launched with an intent to disrupt the archaic and typical agency recruitment model. A new model was built giving equal consideration to both candidates and employers and focused on delivering a slate of diverse candidates. Our vision of representing the talent and the organization as equal clients in the recruitment equation is unparalleled. Integria has since successfully placed talent across a variety of industries and organizations, from fast growing SMEs to blue chip companies. 

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Laura Barwick


Talent Operations Manager

Laura is an HR and Operations professional with more than 15 years’ experience in the recruitment field. Laura manages the day-to-day operations of Integria, leveraging her strong organizational skills and attention to detail to enhance the candidate and client experience.  Employers and candidates appreciate Laura’s professionalism and can count on her responsiveness and transparency throughout the recruitment process. Laura enjoys giving back to the community and has extensively volunteered with Girl Guides of Canada, helping girls build life skills to empower them to success. Laura earned a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Concordia University.  


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Clara D’Alessandro


Senior Talent Acquisition Advisor

As Talent Acquisition Advisor at Integria, Clara is involved from sourcing to offer. Clara is fluent in English, French and Portuguese, having lived in Brazil, France, Luxembourg and the Bahamas. She brings excellent communication and project management skills to every search. Clara is passionate about giving back to the community and is an advocate for diversity and inclusion. She has volunteered as a dance teacher to children and adults with Down’s syndrome, was a teaching assistant for children with autism and learning disabilities, and has facilitated group therapy sessions for orphaned children. Clara earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from McGill University.


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Mandy Danko


Senior Talent Acquisition Advisor

Mandy is an experienced talent acquisition professional who has led a team of recruiters, while being responsible for planning and delivering full-cycle recruitment processes. Before discovering her passion for talent acquisition, Mandy had a jaunt in real estate, followed by a career in the airline industry. She has led a team of over 20 employees and understands the importance of employer branding. A coach at heart, Mandy is recognized as a trusted consultant to hiring managers, ensuring open communication and transparency with clients and candidates. She is passionate about helping build high-performing teams and long-term partnerships. Mandy is fluent in five languages. She is also passionate about giving back, especially to causes relating to children and women in difficulty. 


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Reem Habiballa


Talent Acquisition Advisor

As Talent Acquisition Advisor at Integria, Reem manages full-cycle recruitment, leveraging her diverse background to identify and select exceptional talent. With 4 years of experience in finance and accounting, her expertise enriches her recruitment strategies. Reem actively promotes wellness in her environment, passionately advocating for health and fitness. Fluent in English and Arabic, Reem holds a bachelor's in Finance from Concordia University.



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Samantha Bateman


Director, Talent Acquisition

Samantha is a seasoned professional with over 20 years’ experience in the recruitment space. She founded Integria with the vision to redefine talent acquisition by advocating for a positive candidate experience. Samantha is equally dedicated to accelerating client businesses by helping organizations build and strengthen their leadership teams. She is a member of the Board of YES Montreal. She is also a frequent speaker on the topics of positive recruitment practices and job market integration. She is involved with S.U.C.C.E.S.S, an organization that supports newcomers to Canada who are seeking professional opportunities. Samantha earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from McGill University, followed by courses in Leadership & Management from McGill and Harvard Business School Online.


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Our partners

We are passionate about people, about community and helping individuals and organizations thrive. As talent leaders, we have the responsibility of creating and nurturing new opportunities for underserved members in our community and beyond. 


We partner with YES Montreal to help drive the careers of job seekers, budding entrepreneurs and artists. As President of the Board, Integria founder Samantha Bateman supports the not-for-profit organization to fulfill its mission of helping Quebecers find employment, and start and grow businesses.


Integria Consulting Bursary
Established in 2021 by Samantha Bateman, Bachelor of Arts Graduate, 1997, in gratitude for the support and education she received at McGill. 
In partnership with McGill University, we launched a bursary program for one or more undergraduate students entering any program at McGill University. The bursary is awarded by the Scholarships and Student Aid Office on the basis of demonstrated financial need and good academic standing. We are keen to give back to the student community as cost should never be a barrier to achieving full academic potential.

Gifts for Good
Every end of year, as the Holiday season approaches, our network comes together to select, wrap and drop off personalized gifts to members of underserved communities. We partner with the following organizations that support and accompany vulnerable children and women in achieving better outcomes. The Gifts for Good initiative was launched in 2012 (formerly Christmas Angels) and has since increased fivefold its direct support to youth and women.   


Chez Doris responds to the needs of women in precarious circumstances by offering a broad range of services in a safe, caring and nonjudgmental environment. These include meals, respite, clothing, socio-recreational activities as well as practical assistance.


The Native Women’s Shelter offers support and frontline services to First Nations, Inuit and Métis (Aboriginal) women and children to promote their empowerment and independence. It is the only women’s shelter in Montreal that provides services exclusively to Aboriginal women and their children.


The Fondation helps more than 2,800 children living in precarious conditions. These youth have been neglected, abandoned or have been victims of psychological, physical or sexual violence. Thanks to the Fondation, these children receive the fundamental support that a parent would normally provide: taking part in sports and cultural activities, access to healthcare, school financing and any other form of support essential to their self-fulfilment. 


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