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We want to get
to know you.

In the talent space, fit is critical. With the role, the team and the corporate culture. In order to truly partner with you, we want to get to know who you are,

your accomplishments and your career goals.

To determine a fit, we have created

a multi-phase selection process:


Initial candidate contact & preliminary phone discussion

The initial discussion will serve to highlight the job specifications, discuss the challenges of the role, cover compensation and benefits, and uncover what your career aspirations are.



Resume review

We want to hear your story – what you have done professionally and what you are looking to accomplish in the future. This is not a formal interview over a boardroom table but rather an honest conversation about what you’re passionate about and what motivates you to make a move at this stage in your career.



Corporate client &

candidate interviews

We are here to schedule, support and guide you through the interview process with our corporate clients. Our goal is to provide you with information and exchange feedback at every stage of the process, so that you can make an informed decision on whether this is the right role for you. We represent you in the negotiation process. In the event an offer is not extended or accepted, we provide our candidates with proper feedback to understand why there was not a fit. Having gotten to know you as well as we have enables us to provide you with support post-process and to think of you as soon as a relevant opportunity becomes available.



Personality assessments, references & background checks

We coordinate third-party personality assessments and believe in the importance of sharing the assessments with both the hiring organization and with you, our candidate. In this way, you can be prepared for questions that might arise from information gleaned from the assessment. We also encourage you to use this assessment as a professional developmental tool. As well, we outsource references and the background checks with your permission, at the request of the hiring organization.


Let's get in touch



Why partner with us?

You are our client. 

You will be treated and represented as such.  We are committed to helping you navigate the interview process, from your preliminary discussion to offer signing.

We are passionate about your career growth and success.

We are accountable to you throughout the process but we are also a resource for you long-term.  This means we expect to hear from you after interviews to share your impressions. Equally, you can expect timely feedback from us, once we’ve connected with our client.

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Find your passion.

Find your next challenge.


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