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Partnering with you to build
and scale your team

We act as an extension of your HR team. We proudly represent your brand when sourcing the best talent to drive your organization and business. We believe extraordinary things happen when the right talent is matched with the right opportunity.


This is why we have designed a unique talent mining and acquisition process that includes the following solutions:


Qualifications and skills do not guarantee the perfect candidate. That is why we launch each search with a comprehensive intake. We review your corporate culture, role requirements and performance expectations. We are accountable to you and set a weekly status call to keep you up to date with our search.



Through Integria's network of exceptional talent, extensive reach and referrals, we are well-positioned to ensure that you are introduced to quality candidates from the onset.


We discuss the role in-depth with prospective candidates during a preliminary call.  Interested candidates are then provided with a client brief and then invited to a resume review.  All candidates are interviewed and you are provided with complete interview profiles.  We also conduct personality assessments through a third party.    


To avoid conflict of interest, we coordinate third-party references and background checks.

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We guide both our corporate and candidate clients through the steps leading up to an employment offer, as well as post-employment follow-up. We check in at regular intervals to ensure seamless integration for both parties.



Why partner with us?

We give unparalleled attention to your talent acquisition goals.


You can expect a high-touch service, from the initial intake to the post-hiring stage. Our process is consistent, transparent and supportive.  You can expect us to:

  • Begin our search with a detailed client intake

  • Pre-screen candidates by phone

  • Provide candidates with a client brief

  • Hold one-to-one interviews with candidates to assess their motivations and potential fit with your organization

  • Present you a comprehensive report following our candidate interviews

  • Outsource reference checks, provide personality assessments (DISC) and send a personal thank you note to each candidate

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